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Scholarships & Government Funded Programs


School Readiness

The School Readiness Program helps eligible income families get early education by providing child day care subsidy for families that apply and qualify. Certain income and age restrictions apply.

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Florida VPK Program is a state funded educational program for all age eligible four-year-old children in Florida. The purpose of Florida's VPK Program is to prepare children for success in Kindergarten and later school years. It is not based on income or need.

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School-Year VPK - 540 Instructional Hours School-Year VPK


How to Register for VPK

Step 1: Visit our on-line registration a registration site to complete an application with scans of the following documentation:

          a.    proof you reside in Florida (e.g. utility bill, bank statement)          

          b.    proof your child turns 4 years of age by September 1 (e.g. birth certificate, passport)

Families with eligible children will receive a certificate of eligibility. Bring certificate of eligibility to enroll your child.


Step 2: Visit Luna Academy with your certificate of eligibility to enroll your 4-year-old in VPK today! 

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